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Photos by Scott Amus
Photos by Scott Amus
Arcade games have been playable at home for decades – but with the transition to software, something has been lost. Specifically, the look of the physical cabinets the games lived in – the glowing marquees with fantastic logo designs, the evocative artwork, the control schemes that made each game unique.
VerticalArcade.com is a non-commercial project designed to bring the look and feel of classic arcade cabinets to emulated arcade games at home, specifically for use on vertical widescreen monitors. Our free artwork overlays are designed for use with MAME and similar emulators on a PC, Raspberry Pi or other hardware that can run them. This site does not provide game software or emulation software of any kind, just artwork you can apply once you have it.

Start with the Vertical Overlays page to see all of our overlay packs. Visit the Resources page to learn more about where you can get a vertical cabinet, and don't forget to check out the Community page to find other creators of arcade game overlays.

Questions? Comments? Issues? Email us at:
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This site would not be possible without the contributions of many others in the community. Below is a list of some of these fine people:

And thank you for visiting! We hope you enjoy these overlays. Game on!
The copyrights and trademarks of the arcade game properties and manufacturers depicted on this site belong to their respective owners. The artwork shown here is reproduced solely for documentary purposes and provided to users free of charge to enhance the experience of playing those games. The depiction of the games and related art and the use of manufacturer names, whether defunct or active, herein does not imply the endorsement or participation of any company or person. If you are or represent a copyright or trademark holder of any property shown on this site and wish to have it removed, please contact us at the email address above.

The artwork and associated configuration files downloaded from this site are for personal, non-commercial use only, and include no guarantee they will function properly on your system. Though scanned for viruses before upload to the server, they are not guaranteed to be safe for your system. Use at your own risk. Commercial reproduction or sale of any work on this site is prohibited. Creating derivative works based on these overlays is allowed, provided you aren't selling them – we would appreciate a credit and would love to see what you're doing with them.
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